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Make the so called world’s best paper airplane? Detailed instructions here. I’m always amazed what people can fold up from a sheet of paper. Its creativity and design within the tightests of constraints as you only have a sheet of paper of a fixed size to do amazing things with.
This is great stuff as it does really remind me of my childhood. One of my most treasured books bought for me as a 5 year old was a multi-colored book on how to make paper airplanes. I remember some of the designs were really complex, and I had to struggle trying to create one with my small clumsy hands. It was really frustrating!
Edit: I manage to find online a design very similar to the one that I struggled with a long time ago. Imagine building this plane as a 5 year old? The “drums” at the wing tips are a killer!

As a child, my paper airplane making activity ranked quite high up there together with shooting paper bullets with rubberbands, shooting marbles from my fist, spinning tops and kicking around a “chanteck” or Gunny-Sack. Ahh the good old days before Game Boys and Nintendo!
Via: Core77, and Lifehacker

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