Thoughts on the iPhone Xs Max

As a typical post-industrial type designer, I’ve given up the need to buy new stuff.  This MacBook Retina I’m writing this post on is Mid 2012, so new product “reviews” are pretty rare here.  However, due to extensive casing damage on my iPhone 6+, I decided to take a painful (cost-wise) jump to the iPhone Xs Max.  

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • The full edge-to-edge screen is just amazing.  Looking back at my iPhone 6+, the black borders around the screen do look outdated.  Even the iPhone XR’s screen edges seem a bit chunky.
  • Apple investing in that A12 Chip has paid dividends.  Screen swipes, on the iOS 12, are just amazingly smooth and fluid.


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iPhone Xs radius offset. Just beautiful.

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  • As an Industrial Designer, I marvel at and appreciate the effort taken on the housing design and construction.  You do pay for what you get.
  • I went with Silver as black looks oily after a while.  I decided on going with 256 GB memory for the phone rather than 512GB.  Unless you are doing a lot of video work, I don’t think the $500 up-cost for 512 GB is worth it.  This is a break from my usual practice of maxing out memory for everyone’s phone.  I think we are hitting the point of memory sufficiency, where just like computing sufficiency where processors move faster than humans, we don’t really need any more space.  Well most of us anyway.   
  • Finally, the iPhone Xs Max is not cheap.  You are basically paying for a laptop in your pocket + a good meal.  How much more can Apple push the price?  In a saturated mobile phone market, Apple seems to be the only one that keeps on raising prices.  You know why?  Apple does not compete on price.  And you know what?  Many will find a way to justify buying this product.  Mine was “if this is going to last me another 4 to 5 years, the price amortizes well.”  Yeah…right.  Heh heh. 


Love to hear your thoughts.  Please leave your comments below.

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