Useless Stats on Who Will Buy the iPhone

It’s that infectious Apple marketing engine at work again. This time the Solutions Research Group has caught the bug by releasing a very nicely designed statistical layout on the type of people who will plans to buy the US$499 iPhone. The interesting thing is, to date is nobody except Apple, has seen, played or used the real thing. Yet, if you belief the numbers, Apple has pulled off an amazing coup by getting these demographics to chase a dream.

We received a series of graphics from Solutions ResearchGroup showing the profile of people who are interested in buying the US$499 version of the Apple iPhone. The information comes from Digital Life America, SRG’s independent syndicated trend study. The results are based on an online survey of American consumers in May 2007 (1,230).

That my friends is the power of 360 degree branding. If we only could equally design products that has such a powerful consumer pull?
Via: Darla Mack

  • Design Translator

    June 12, 2007 at 8:53 pm Reply

    Hi Drew,
    Heh-heh, an Apple discussion a day always gets us going eh? I think you have made a fantastic point, wanting to buy an iPhone does not mean you WILL get one! Hence the uselessness of these statistics.
    I’m off to check on the new pictures now, but the Apple OS is lost on me cos I’m a PC user true and true!

  • drew kora

    June 12, 2007 at 8:21 pm Reply

    I’m one of those people who says “Oh man, I want an iPhone so badly,” but in reality, I’d never spend that much on a device that is mostly just a toy. If I had my own business or was on the road a lot I would seriously consider investing in it. Personally, I love the idea of consolidating my gadgets: less to carry, less to recharge, less to sync, etc. But my work and life don’t require me to carry all that with me at once. I’m sure I’d put all that functionality to good use, but I’m getting along fine without it. I do, however, fit nicely into their demographic of potential buyers quite well, except for the fact that I live in the mid-west US.
    …besides, I just renewed my contract with Sprint so switching to Cingular isn’t an option.
    btw: have you guys seen the updated apple web site? More detailed photos of the iPhone are available (looks really nice), more info on Leopard’s release, and Safari for WIndows…in fact I’m typing this in Safari 3 Beta on my work PC right now!

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