Using Design to Build a Great Brand

Robert Brunner (the man more commonly known as the person who hired Jonathan Ives) has achieved something that I always hope to achieve with the clients I work with.
He has helped a fledging company build an awesome brand and thrive in a competitive market thought the use of great design. Not only that, the brand has since been acquired (with much buzz) by Apple for a mind numbing $3 billion dollars. That company is non-other than the headphones brand Beats by Dr Dre.
Amazed? I was. Now check out the video where he shares insights on how he did it.

Robert Brunner: What All Great Design Companies Know from 99U on Vimeo.

Some great one liners like “Technology Enables Design Establishes” or “As Designers we give away our intellectual property too cheaply”, and lots of stuff on the role design plays in today’s business environment. Do enjoy the video as it’s probably the best one I’ve seen this year. Thanks for sharing Robert!

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  • Shree Vella

    December 11, 2014 at 3:45 am Reply

    There is no doubt that design has been a hufe factor in Apple success – probably THE factor. By gaining the reputation of building beautifully designed technology Apple increased there market share and appreciation no doubt. On reading Steve Job’s biography, it seems he was literally fanatical on the design aspect of his products and that meticulous mindset sure seemed to have helped the company.

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