Want to get fed by me?

I’m back. Had a good afternoon of sleeping and am now feeling a lot better. The meds have cleared my sinuses and my brain! So much so that I realised that to improve my visiting experience, I need to make it easier for you, my dear reader, to get easy access to Design Sojourn content.
So if you just scan over to the right of this post you will find my new reorganised sidebar.
First off, there is my brand spanking new email subscription to get fresh Design Sojourn content directly to your inbox. Really for those of us that should not be surfing the web but reading emails! Oh, I personally promise that I will never sell, reveal, share, trade, reveal, or market your email address in any shape or form. Even at gunpoint!
However if you are still worried about spam, you can use the Orange Square RSS feed on the right as well. Click on it and save the new page formatting it as a “live book mark” or add it to your feed reader. It’s a little more complicated, but it does give you more control.
I’ve also added a list of “Design Resources” which includes the best of Design Sojourn and my most popular posts for your reading pleasure.
I hope the new jazzmatazzed sidebar does improve your visiting experience!

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