When it Rains it Pours!

I’ll have to take some time off blogging for this and next week as I’m swamped with work! It’s amazing, how when work does happen, it all comes in at one shot. Anyways I’ll be taking some time off on the 3rd May 2007 to visit CeBit Australia. I’m looking forward to check out some of the latest product designs and technology innovations so do stay tuned for some juicy pictures!
cebitlogo.gif One of the great things about this event, which I only found out about recently, is that the organizers have set up a blog and a blogging zone at the event. The blogger zone is apparently a cool area setup with wireless broad band, sofas and access to laptops for bloggers to update their blogs directly from the event. (More info here.) I’m definitely looking forward to write up some post from the event with my laptop!
It’s pretty smart that the organizers are taking advantage of the blog media to spread the word. Very smart people and I do hope to see more events taking advantage of this. So do stay tuned to this Thursday and after for some cool CeBit updates!

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