Where’s DT?

In the last couple of days, I have been working on turning my somewhat successful Industrial Design Forum into a Forum + Meta-blog.

I don’t know why I never thought of this in the first place? I for the longest time have been looking for a “start page” for my phpBB forum backbone. The few “start pages” that came with the phpBB were great but were difficult to modify (requiring some knowledge in php) and lacked the linking and back-linking blog platforms allow.

So what fellow moderator Dotty and I decided to do was to setup a blog platform as a “start page” and link it to the forum with a nice fat link.

What I also realised, was many of our members were also avid bloggers, and I wanted for the longest time to create a Meta-blog for local Asian Industrial Designers. In other words a portal where by a visitor can get access to the forum and snippets of the recent postings of our member blogs.

So here I have IDAsia.org ver 4.1 and counting. Enjoy.

PS: Help? Besides the built in RSS widgets in WordPress, is there any other way to create a Meta-blog that automatically updates itself? Any other widgets or software I can use?

UPDATE: Oh yeah, I forgot to add I’m off next week 18th-23th September to London for the London Design Festival. I promise a full review and tons of pictures when I get back! So do stay tuned!

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