Yves Behar on Design in 2012

This is an interesting presentation by Yves Behar from Fuse Project on designing in the near future. He talks about his work with Swarovski, his controversial Leaf Lamp with Herman Miller and the One Laptop Per Child project (my favorite discussion topic!)

Some interesting points he made:
1) Live in the clouds, but ground yourself in realities (like engineering constraints)
2) Technology with Humanity
3) Democratize solving problems with design
4) Design is a basic human need
5) Designers have a responsibility to show the future as we have the ability to imagine the future.
6) Good design is about good story telling and a relationship with emotions.
Do stick around to the end where he talks a lot more with Judith Thurman on the “meat” behind his presentation.
Via: Business Week: Innovation

  • Design Translator

    May 25, 2007 at 3:13 pm Reply

    I was actually very interested in looking for an insight on how he made it big? What was that thing (x-factor) he has that makes people want him to do their design work. Of which much of his eariler work was good.
    However, to date, as far as I can see I was shocked with the leaf light and disappointed with the OLPC. Winner’s curse perhaps?
    Hmm must be his honest face?

  • csven

    May 25, 2007 at 9:01 am Reply

    Halfway through I was ready to stop the video, but bc of your comment I waited. Glad I did because when he said this I lost all respect:
    “Can somebody design a better-looking hybrid car? Please. Cause I love the technology but I’m not gonna get into one yet.”
    Thoroughly, thoroughly unimpressed. Must the engineer in me.
    And someone should really point him to Seth Godin’s comments regarding “storytelling”.

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