iPoor at MAAD Sunday

A few quick pictures of my little booth at the MAAD Sunday Market last Sunday! MAAD with stands for Market for Artists and Designers is a little flea market focusing on original wares from Artists and Designers. You can be rest assured that anything setup


iPoor Status: Testing testing…

Just an update that we will be shipping the iPoor T-shirts to all customers by the middle of next week! So your wait is almost over! Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm currently in Hong Kong for a quick holiday. Furthermore in the last couple


iPoor on Engadget!

Wow, my iPoor T-Shirt is on Engadget! Well unfortunatly its only the chinese version but hey its still Engadget! As my Chinese is pretty bad, fellow BL blogger did a quick translation for me: They say that it's looks cool and fashionable, for those who don't want to


Levi's iPod Jeans…iPoor but i not dumb

I cant imaging anyone wearing this Levi's iPod Jeans, and like all Levi's and iPod related accessories, I bet you it costs a bomb. Not only is it atrocious, it somehow does not blend with the minimal iPod look. Why not wear my iPoor T-Shirt instead?


iPoor Status: We got samples in!

I'm running around like a little girl with excitement! I have for you fresh off the printing press iPoor T-Shirts modeled by yours truly and my lovely wife. You now can get a chance to have a look at the T-Shirt sizes on


iPoor Status: We are online!

Just a quick update and to let all of you know that I'm back to blogging! I've got about 60% of my little iPoor project done. I've got the design worked out and the website up. I'm now finalising my order with the vendor