An Updated Commenting Policy at Design Sojourn

From what the experts tell me about comment moderation, the best tactic is to leave a little note to remind visitors the following:

Commenting Rules: I love reading your comments as it allows me to interact and learn from you. Being critical is fine, giving constructive criticism, even better. However if you are rude, I will delete your comment. Repeat, and I will blacklist you. The world is full of negativity, so I don’t need anymore on my blog, which I consider my online home. Would you encourage Neanderthal behavior in your home? Neither would I.
Finally please use your personal name or initials and not your business name. By doing the latter, it comes off like spam, and that’s an auto delete. Thank you and I hope you enjoy being part of the conversation!

How true it is. If you consider your blog/website as precious as your home, deciding to delete or spam certain comments gets really easy. I practice a zero tolerance rule against spammers and flamers, but fear not, I often dig through my spam box and fish out the legitimate comments.
Here’s to the never-ending improvement of your experience at Design Sojourn. Thank you!
This was inspired by Tim Ferriss who was in turn inspired by Brian Oberkirch.

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