Design Sojourn is Top 10 at HOW!

I would like to humbly announce to my dear readers that Design Sojourn has been selected as one of HOW Magazine’s top 10 websites for the month of November.

They have even a nice, very cool, little trophy!

HOW Top 10 Websites Trophy Graphic

Founded in 1985, HOW Magazine provides graphic-design professionals with essential business information, covers new technology and processes, profiles renowned and up-and-coming designers, details noteworthy projects, and provides creative inspiration. The year-end Business Annual has become a respected resource for its articles about studios across the U.S. In addition, HOW holds annual Self-Promotion, International and Interactive Design competitions and features the results in special issues. Other frequently profiled topics include digital design, creativity, typography and paper. The magazine is published in Cincinnati by F&W Publications.

In other announcements, interesting things happen when you least expect it! In a recent article that I wrote on “A petition to bring back buttons on phones?” have been getting tons of readership, back links and track-backs.
One of a track-back that I received was from a MSNBC (yes it’s MSN + NBC!) Blog called “Clicked” written by Will Femia where he learns a:

New vocab word: haptic.

This is really what Design Sojourn is about, educating people about design, and the fact it got a plug at MSNBC, I’m doubly happy.
In some final notes, I have been nursing a post about Intrapreneurship (Internal Entrepreneurship) but had decided not to post it until the Intrapreneurship project I was running was given a go ahead.
Yesterday on the 1st Nov. 2006 project “Phoenix” was given the “green light” to go ahead by all the top management involved. One of the very few that have concluded successfully.
If all things go well, in the next 2 years project “Phoenix” could potentially add a modest USD $5-8 Million of gross profit to my company’s bottom line, and hopefully a few design awards as well.
Well at the very least I can now talk about Intrapreneurship with confidence! Do stay tuned as that article will be posted soon.


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