iPad 3rd Generation Retina Display is Not just a Spec

So how IS the Retina Display on the new iPad?
Amazing. Seriously amazing. I really love the Retina Display on the iPhone 4/4S, but this feels like a step forward even from that. Not because it’s a better display (which it may well be), but because the much larger scale of the screen makes it feel transformative to the experience of looking at a Retina Display and using an iPad.
The brightness, color, and richness were all great. I’m reasonably sure they brought the display closer to the glass like they did with the iPhone 4/4S Retina Display, but I’m not willing to commit that to the record. The resolution is what brings it home though. Let me put it this way: when I pulled up a nice, high resolution photograph on the iPad 3rd-gen, I genuinely could not tell the difference between what I was seeing onscreen, and a nice, beautifully shot, well-printed, glossy photograph. It was seriously to that level.
It’s the best display I’ve ever seen. Anywhere, period. And it makes a meaningful difference to the experience — it’s not just a spec.

Ryan Block from gdgt believes that the new 3rd Generation iPad’s retina display is not a specification upgrade, but a transformative experience.
So when does a spec (or specification) stops becoming a spec? When Apple does it? There is a lesson to learn from this somewhere, particularly for the consumer electronics industry where everyone seems to love competing on spec.

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