Meta Design Links: 10 April 09

I like to bring back our regular Friday “link love” feature this Good Friday!
1) Design is The Problem : Tim Brown’s thoughts on Design Thinking
2) Make something Cool Everyday: Behance Network
3) 10 Industrial Designers worth following on Twitter: Design Droplets
4) Seth Godin: Sliced bread and other marketing delights: Ted Talks
5) Today’s Future Designer: Drivers of Change

“The role of the designer in the business world is changing. With increased activity at a strategic level and the innate skills that support community and collaboration, the designer has the skill set to play a pivotal role in today’s business. In addition, they have the desire to work with new tools and are experienced in making the complex simple. In a world where technological innovation has increased the complexity of both the products and services we consume, achieving elegance has become the hallmark of good design.”

Do enjoy and have a Happy Egg Hunting Easter friends!

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