Meta Design Links: 10 July 2008

Wow it has been a long time since we did this. The last time was the end of Sept 2007!
I had opted to send most of my links via my Twitter and Plurk accounts. But after monitoring Twitter for about 6 to 8 months, I think a lot of my links getting lost in the “river of news”. So I’ve decided to bring this weekly series back by rounding up only the best links for you.
1) Why are mouse sensors in the middle of a mouse? When they should be at the front of the mouse instead.
2) Q&A: 90 Minutes With Miyamoto, Nintendo’s Master of Amusement from Wired. He talks about games, their take on it and how they plan to revolutionize it.
3) In my Pillar Article “How to be a Design Superstar?“, I recommend that all designers should have an online presence or a website that is at least a portfolio site. YoutheDesigner Blog shares his comprehensive guide on how and why you should have one, and you can do so quickly with a One page online portfolio. Also, if you are stuck for ideas on the site design, have a look at the One Page Portfolio Directory.
4) Check out Rands In Repose ultimate sketch book face off in his quest to find the world’s best sketch book. If you are not satisfied, do also consider his other monster face off article that covers his favorite writing instrument, Gel Pens.
5) A Look at the State of Chinese Design Development Today and how we are or will be sorely mistaken.

More specially, I set out to debunk three design falsehoods I see preventing outside professionals from seeing the recent graphic design being created in the New China without Western misinterpretations. They are: 1) Modernization Does Not Necessarily Equal Westernization, 2) Modern Graphic Design is a Western Import to the New China, and 3) Imitating is More than the Best Form of Flattery. By dispelling these stereotypes, I hope to reveal how the Chinese designers’ entry into the world market is giving them a new sense of global citizenry, as well as local identity. Their visual voices are being heard in the larger globalization narrative and, thus I believe, are enriching graphic design worldwide.
Via: Design Altruism Project


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