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ds_chicklet_wide.gifI rarely like signing up with social networks as many like Hi-5 or perhaps MySpace, do not reflect well on the Design Sojourn brand. However, a few months ago, I could not help signing up on one after reading about the newly re-designed Facebook, and their web strategy that just screams “Innovation”!
As I’m sure most of you already know, Facebook still does pretty much the same thing as before, but the difference now is in its back bone. Similar to Flickr, Facebook now has APIs that allows developers to create “widgets” or applications that allows the Facebook system not only to run external programs, but to jack into other websites/social network systems out there. This now allows Facebook’s functionality to have an almost limitless possibilities!
Facebook takes the step towards what I think and guess what The Web 3.0 will be all about. This is the social networking of social networks. (Google has actually pushed this much further along with the launch of their Open Social code back bone.) Eventually it will not matter which social network you are part of, this is because any social network that you are part of will have the ability to “link” and pull information from all your other online activities. Furthermore sites like Facebook would possibly be at the top of the Social Network food chain, with its ability pull into it’s folds other niche networks such as blog sites, flickr or twitter etc.

Image Source: Logic+Emotion’s Social Systems
From my perspective, bloggers like myself, will need to start to build links and back links into such networks, so as to have a seamless mesh of information transfer and communication with all our wonderful readers. Check out the graphic above, as it pretty much represent the Social System of networks that most bloggers, including myself use and revolve around. It is fantastic graphical representation for the ever Logical David Armano. Thanks David.
All this being said, for 2008 I like to experiment on networking this blog in social networks. Therefore I like to introduce Design Sojourn’s Facebook group where I hope all my fantastic readers can come to interact and discuss about all things Design. You can even upload images/videos of your portfolio work for feedback, or even post links to websites that you would like all of us to look at.
Sounds like fun? I think so! If you have not already, I like to invite all of you to join this open group and I do look forward to meeting all of you there for a chat!

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