On the Horizion…

It’s been a really tiring last couple of weeks for me and hence a real slow down in my blog posts. As one of my post alluded too, the fourth quarter is a mad rush to finalise product launches and garner new business for the next year. So I have been flat out exhausted till past mid-night writing emails, checking designs, project planning and management, and on conference calls with colleagues and vendors from all over the world. It’s not quite done and will be bumpy going forward in the next week as well.
In unrelated news, I been thinking about a change and I think I will try a new blog posting strategy and that is to post less and only focused on my quality article posts. The web is filled with mindless pollution that just causes more “information overload”. I don’t really want to be part of that Therefore I will only post if I have something significant to say.
Along this same lines of thought, I have moved all the other little interruptions (ie design meta links, twitter, flicker images etc.) on to my tumble blog life stream on designsojourn.net. This keeps this blog as a very clean read, and hopefully an overall better visiting experience.
Therefore I plan to drop my post frequency to 1-2 article posts a week (round about 1000 words), and to also include at least 1 shorter design tip post that everybody seems to love! This drops my total weekly posting frequency to 2-3 times a week instead of the current 3-4.
With the extra time freed up:
1) I like to do more work on my experimental industrial design projects in my sketch book such as the Un-p3 (it’s going well by the way and do look out for an update soon), iPod casings, and toy fabbing. Not only is it all self-actualization for me as I don’t do much design these days as a manager, its just that I do like to walk the talk sometimes.
2) Spend some time on personal projects like research, interviews, and reading up on design theories etc. The “Think” part in the think > draw > make loop!
3) Finally, engaging the design communities more through blog comments, forums and networks. Something I just don’t do enough of but enjoy tremendously.
So I hope we are all good with this and as I love to hear all your great feedback, do same me some if you have any?

  • DT

    October 19, 2007 at 11:47 am Reply

    Hey drew,
    Its always great to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your time problems and I suspect most people wont mind as well.
    I agree, this blog will always be part of my design life, but in recent times it has tip-toe its way above designing and I did not really like that. So you are right to say its about re-prioritizing.
    On the Un-p3, I hear you man, you are not the only one that told me, that they are soon to go off to buy an iPod! Anyways it has evolved into something different, some might like it some might not, but do stay tuned for an update sometime at the end of next week!

  • drew kora

    October 19, 2007 at 6:02 am Reply

    You’re slow down hasn’t biothered me because I’m swamped too and haven’t had time to read them. We all get busy, no big deal. And keeping things focused is always a good idea, too. That’s why I started reading this blog in the first place…no clutter and to the point.
    I’ve recently turned over the same leaf, though, regarding freeing up time. I have a backlog of books to read (reading up some great designers from the 20th centurey that I always say I love, but actually know very little about) and a ton of personal art and design projects and goals I need to fullfill. Sometimes you have to do a reality check and ask “OK, I’m busy as all get out, but am I really accomplishing what I want to?” If the answer is no it’s time to prioritize.
    Thanks DT. Keep rockin and get those un-p3 playaz done before we run out of trees to make them with already.

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