Out With the Old, in With the New and a Recap

Phew! I’m almost done with my spring cleaning, and believe you me it does not look like much, but it’s a lot of stuff. Here is what I did…

1) I’ve polished my blog template’s design and reorganized some of the template icons. Some icons were removed, while others were re-styled, and had their positions changed. I added to new “RSS Feed” and “Book Marking” icons on my navigation bar on the right so I can take advantage of all the different providers out there.
2) I re-organized the blog categories so that it is a little more descriptive to the types of posts. I have also combined “Design Theory” with “Be a Better Designer“ as both popular series are all about tips on being a more effective and successful designer.
3) I hid some of my old blog pages that were not relevant anymore, as well as rewrote my “Subscribe“ page.
4) Noteworthy is the re-writing of my “About“ page. Firstly I had unknowingly made a big bogging mistake and thus need to apologize to you dear reader.
After re-writing my “About” page, I realized I have not totally been keeping true to the purposed of my blog, and got a little carried away by posting other interesting occasionally non-design related stuff. I supposed it was more of an experiment on what tickles Design Sojourn’s visitors.
So here is my blog’s objective again, taken from the “About“ page, just to give everybody a re-cap on what Design Sojourn is all about and a taste of what to expect in this Chinese New Year of the Pig!

Visiting Design Sojourn is about taking part in a design journey. A design journey that will ultimately will teach you how to do good design, and create clever products.
Therefore as your guide DT will attempt to translate what he sees, knows and learns about Industrial Design, Design Strategies and Design Management into a language that the man on the street can understand.
Not only that, he realizes that there are TONS of blogs and websites that showcases the latest designs but nothing on how the budding designer can lean to rule the world! He will attempt to do this in an easy to read, nonsensical way. Hints, tips and suggestions that a budding designer can find insightful and experienced designers find refreshing.
Finally as a reader you will get to step in the DT’s shoes as goes thru his own trials and tribulations of his various design entrepreneurship projects, and follow his own design sojourn of fulfilling his dream of being a design entrepreneur.

One of the great things about spring cleaning is going back over all the 200 odd posts that I have written, and I thought it would be appropriate to list some of my and my visitor’s perennial favorites just in case you might have missed it.
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Tips on being creative military style
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Design Management and Strategy
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Design Entrepreneurship
A quick and dirty guide of branding yourself
The Art of the very small start. Part 1 and Part 2
Intrapreneurship in an Asian context, possibility or myth?
Well it looks like I need more articles on Design Entrepreneurship, and so it shall be!
Hop you enjoyed the recap, and I like to end this post by wishing all my Chinese readers a Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai and may you have a prosperous year of the pig!

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