Josiah Montessori – Rethinking the Childcare Industry

Josiah Montessori – Rethinking the Childcare Industry

The business strategy innovation project is helping us understand that we need to change the way we do business…It is also making us relook our business challenges — process staff, customer service, system and competition – and come up with a strategy to address the various hurdles we face here and the different opportunities that we have.

Project Scope
Josiah runs successful childcare and enrichment centers in Singapore. It was founded in 1997 by two mothers passionate in creating environments that deliver quality care and holistic learning for their children.
Josiah engaged Design Sojourn to help the company innovate and reinvent itself spurred on by an increasingly competitive operating environment.  After the programme’s initial kick-off to establish an innovation baseline, Design Sojourn conducted deep ethnographic research on Josiah’s customers (both young and old) and their employees. We wanted to have a complete understanding of their current workflows, processes and the needs of all their stakeholders.
Josiah Montessori – Rethinking the Childcare Industry

After the research was completed, we engaged internal stakeholders, such as teachers and supervisors, in a collaborative process where we jointly identified problems and opportunities. We then created a range of innovative solutions that rethink their approach to personalised care.  Importantly we created solutions they could own and implement.

The outcome of the programme was a series of recommendations to improve Josiah’s current processes and longer-term ideas for the future of the company. Accompanying these recommendations, we fleshed out implementation plans, organised service blueprints, and projected business model impact.

With effect from January 2017, many of the short to mid-term recommendations have been implemented. The results were a great reduction of stress for the teachers that resulted in better care for the children. We are currently in talks with Josiah to help them deliver to their longer-term goals.

Status: Completed (July 2016 to November 2016)

Competence: Business Strategy and Innovation, Consulting, Design and Ethnographic Research, Experience and Service Design.

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