What a crazy few months I had on both my work and home front! As a result of this I have not had the time to blog, and so I like to apologize for the lack of posts or updates. However I have been keeping track of all your comments so do keep them coming!
Furthermore in the last couple of weeks I had to prepare for and make a business trip to Amsterdam. The jet lag did not help my nights in Amsterdam much, but it did get me to up at 4.30am which resulted in really long days. So now I’m safely home and recuperating.
While the last months have been busy, I have not been idle. My Moleskine has been slowly growing with lots of great ideas for Strategic Industrial Design posts, so now I just need to the time to write it! I believe things might have settled for a bit all around, and I hope to get some posts up soon.
My next subject will be a good one and likely a “Pillar Topic” here on Design Sojourn. Unfortunately I have not decided if it will be in a format of a post (or multiple posts), a PowerPoint, or a downloadable e-book. However I have decided it will be a yearly feature, and will focus analysis of the latest Industrial Design strategies available for Design Managers to use.
So do stay tuned to Design Sojourn as this “Pillar Topic” will be up soon (as long as I don’t get sideline along the way!). Take care friends!

  • DT

    April 28, 2009 at 10:11 pm Reply

    Hi Raj,
    Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. I will take your feedback seriously and consider a pdf for sure.

  • Raj

    April 27, 2009 at 12:02 pm Reply

    Hi DT,
    We are all well wishers for you. And I think all fellow designers who follow you are indeed grateful to you for your insights and view. Your blog is wonderful, and bellissimo. And you need not be sorry. But I have a request, if possible please put an e-book section for all the multiple posts once you complete them.

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