Meta Design Links: 01 Sept 07

1) My iPod is like my model girlfriend, and my Zune is like the girl next door. Who would you marry? 2) "Sense and Simplicity" in the Philips brand really communicated in their designs? 3) The conversation sketching tool kit. Use sketching as a means


Meta Design Links: 19 Aug 07

1) What do you do when an executive says "I don't like orange" or "can we use circles in stead of squares"? Visual designer Nick Meyers of Cooper explains how the right kind of research with, not only the user, but also the stakeholder can


Clever Graffiti

A collection of some of the most creative graffiti ever. Though annoying, graffiti continues the best means of understated social commentary. Check out the rest of the images at Dark Roasted Blend. Via: Stray dog scraps.