Meta Design Links: 19 Aug 07

1) What do you do when an executive says “I don’t like orange” or “can we use circles in stead of squares”? Visual designer Nick Meyers of Cooper explains how the right kind of research with, not only the user, but also the stakeholder can go a long way to “minimize the influence of subjectivity and guesswork.”
2) Michigan-based Virtual Space Devices has developed a very cool omni-directional treadmill.
3) OLPC Reviewed by a 12 year old at Freedom to Tinker. I would have preferred an more unbiased reviewed by a child that did not have a privilege life growing up surrounded by computers.
4.) Like an episode from Boston Legal, Sam Rindy loved a painting by Cy Twombly so much that she walked into the gallery and planted a big, gooey, red lip-sticky kiss onto the $2 million dollar canvas. Rindy is now facing criminal damage charges. I’m curious to see the outcome of this trial.
5) If you thought the Segway was cool, check out these motorized shoes. Very cool, but not cool enough to kiss.
6) Is this sunroof stupid or what?
I hope you enjoyed this new weekly weekend post feature that encourages you to take some time off serious design talk and just enjoy surfing the net for a change. This is the first collaborative post with Design Sojourn’s new contributor link-maestro Drew Kora. Do let us know if you like to see more of these posts!

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