The Best "Products" Have Really Simple Strategies

There must be a gazillion websites out there on the internet, and subsequently thousands that aggregating or collecting the best stuff from it. The problem is, "product" offerings like Technorati, Plaxo life-streams, FriendFeeds, Digg, PopUrls, Design-Feeds, Design Float etc., all run information through you


Blog Improvements Galore!

I have been tinkering around with The Design Sojourn blog during the Easter break and have got some bugs sorted out, as well as added some cool widgets. 1) Thanks to Aen, we've fixed the comment bubble bug, making it so that every comment is wrapped


The Museum of Modern Betas

A cool name of a fascinating site on the web's most anticipated Web 2.0 applications based on who has bookmarked it on (god that is a web address I can never remember). The Museum of Modern Betas has a nice list of who and what