What others are saying about Design Sojourn!

I stand humbled after reading a really nice and well articulated review of Design Sojourn and my analytical thinking abilities at James F Katz’s blog on Design Arguments: Critical Judgements. He writes:

In terms of King and Kitchener’s scale of reflective judgment the articles in Designsojurn are quite high on the scale. I would rate most of his articles in the reflective reasoning stages 6 + 7, Especially with his articles concerning Design Entrepreneurship that shows a deep understanding of the topic and strong developed reflections.

Wow, I’ve never heard of the “Scale of Reflective Judgement”, so I googled and got this. I really need to catch up my design literature!
Anyways thanks James for the kind words, and do take a few minutes to check out his blog. Well read and articulate, he is definelty going into my “Links to clever people.”

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  • Heavenly Sword

    June 30, 2006 at 11:11 am Reply

    Hey DesignTranslator!
    Congrats on your high ratings 🙂
    I just posted the Online Anonymity essay. But beware, for it presents Strong arguments against your position… 😉
    By the way do you have an email address? Want to ask you about ‘Design Education’ (e.g. Master of Design degrees in general).

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