100 Push ups : Week 1 : Pushing through the pain

Oh man. I was still hurting from the initial test on Monday, 4 days after I took it. I had serious doubts on whether I would be able to continue the program faithfully. Partly chicken and partly due to dinner with friends from out of town, I missed Day 1’s set on Monday.
On hindsight I think that was a good idea as it allowed me to rest fully before I started officially on Day 2. Day 2, Wednesday was really hard to get going. I was tired from work and still stiff.
I almost missed Day 3 Friday! It almost slipped my mind. However I’m glad I did the reps as I could tell that this time the push ups were a lot smoother. After the complete set, all the relevant muscles felt tight instead of pain.
So Week 1 was really tough to get going. I had to really planned it into my busy life if not it was too easy to forget. I’m feeling good about it today, no pain but a little stiffness, however as I got off to a bumpy start, I’ve decided to run week 1’s program again next week.
Stay tuned!

  • Roksx

    September 15, 2008 at 5:12 am Reply

    I’ve just finished week 3 today. What I like to when I’m following a schedule of some kind is to stick it on the fridge. The feeling of being able to strike through anything you’ve accomplished helps, plus you’ll be confronted with it every time you open your fridge.

  • Brock

    September 10, 2008 at 8:34 pm Reply

    its my day 2 of second week, and its going quite well…
    i am following the middle column of the workout plan.
    thanks for the 110 pushups website

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