An Exhibition Made for SAM (Singapore Art Museum)

I had the pleasure of being invited, on Tuesday, to the opening ceremony of the Made for SAM exhibition. This exhibition, probably the first of its kind in Singapore, featured the work of 40 multidisciplinary artist, designers and architects. This work was commission by the Singapore Art Museum in collaboration with (a Singaporean art and design collective.)
There were a number of designs that were quite interesting, especially those under the Piggy Bank and the Ruler Themes. During a discussion over dinner, we concluded that the fact there were 40 independent designers available for such work, was testament to the growth and vibrancy of the design industry here. This was something that was not even possible 5 years ago. What was even more impressive was that all 40 exhibits displayed were (are) on sale. It must have been a humongous effort to take all 40 designs into production in, from what the curators told me, 6 months. Salute!
I leave you now with the pictures that I took. The 40 exhibits have been divided into 5 themes. I use an image of the theme’s description as the starting picture for each set. Please do excuse some of the fuzzy photos, as the lightning was poor. I also intentionally left out the exhibit’s description so that you can enjoy pondering if the object’s archetype makes sense to you.

If you are interested, the objects can be purchased at the store.

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