Dandelion Online Industrial Design Exhibition

dandelion_logo.jpgA while back I started this non-profit social-entrepreneurship endeavour called IDAsia.org as a means to network, uncover and perhaps showcase Industrial Designers from Asia.
As a result of these efforts, my team of volunteers (py, ec, kk and dotty) and I have managed to organise an online Industrial Design exhibition called Dandelion. This exhibition will be hosted by IDAsia.org and hopefully will be able to highlight some of the best and most interesting Industrial Designers from Asia. You see, most of us work not on our own but hidden behind brands.
Even better, our exhibition has been selected and will run as an official partner of the Singapore Design Festival 2007. This means we will be part of all their world wide marketing and advertising exposure for this event.
Now the good news. You too can be part of this year’s Singapore Design Festival and you don’t even have to be in Singapore to participate. We still have slots for the exhibition open and I like to extend an invitation to exhibit to all my Design Sojourn readers. Here are the submission criteria:

Submission Criteria:

1) 200 x 500 pixels (wide) banner of your product. This is to introduce your product. 500 pixels is the width optimised for most computer screens.
2) Two 500 x 500 pixels images of your product. One could be a beauty shot, and the other could be how its used or made or even an interesting detail.
3) Please include an approx 150 words description of your product.
4) Please include an approx 150 words description of the designer of the product, including any websites or contact email if you would like to be contacted.
5) Some of you have a collection of products or multiple entries. Please do send them all in and we will do our best to accommodate it in the exhibition.

Exhibition Notes:

1) This event is an official media partner of the Singapore Design Festival 2007. This means it will be part of the official marketing and advertising promotions material of the festival.
2) We recommend that your images are presented properly and you view them at 100%, 500pixles wide is not a lot! Thus it is encouraged that all your images of your product kept simple and as big as possible.
3) Don’t forget even though this is a virtual exhibition, it is the requirement that the images can be either actual functional prototypes, appearance models or even a non-functioning finished model. Basically we want models not renderings.
4) As spaces are limited please get your entries in ASAP. IDAsia.org management reserves the right to reject a design if we run out of space or if it does not fit the stated criteria. Please deliver your images by 31 OCT 2007 via email to dandelion [at] idasia.org.
5) The exhibition will run a week before and a week after the period of the Singapore Design Festival 2007. The SDF 07 runs from Nov 27, 2007 to Dec 08, 2007. After that is will be permanently hosted at www.dandelion.idasia.org
It is pretty much targeted to designers who are interested to sell themselves or their products that this exhibition will be their means to an end. Therefore the big requirement is that product images must consist as either non-functioning and functioning prototypes or models. They can be anything, portfolio work, furniture, packaging or anything product related.
The internet is filled with beautifully rendered images that really are at the end of the day impossible to make or realise, often this becomes a circular discussion that goes back to the fact that the design is just not well resolved. Therefore we aim for this exhibition to only showcase fantastic designers that can not only dream but also make as well.

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