Design Theory 1: Reflection

Today we start this new series on theories on how to possibly create better designs. I think central to successful design thinking and even to this series as a whole, is the concept of reflection. Looking back and onto one’s self.
Often designers power away at a concept sketch, 2D rendering, 3D CAD racing to the end to meet many datelines. After that they jump on to the next project without much thought. Whether you are a student or a professional, time or the lack of it, is a common factor. This should not prevent you from reflection. There are many opportunities for reflection; one of my favorite places is in the shower.
What I do urge designers to do is occasionally STOP. Stop during the design production process, as well as after the end of the project to reflect on what has transpired.
This act of stopping to think and reflect is vital for personal growth as well as good design, as you can access if you are doing the right job, or doing the job right.

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