Google's Little Big Adventure

I’m sure most of you have already started noticing Google’s little foray of multiple thing-a-ma-jigs with their free web based products like flickr, gmail, picasa, earth, etc. You can get the comprehensive and staggering list here. I did not even realise that they own Blogger!
I thought it was a great thing especially that all the products are free. However the reason of WHY the great minds at Google were releasing such products never really dawn on me, until i read Nicholas Carr’s Rough Type Blog. The reality of this strategy came crashing down on me, Google is creating an online “Web OS”.
Wow. Think about it. Just pause a minute to think about the consequences of such a bold strategy. Now go and buy some Google stock! Kidding…
This sounds of a teeth gnashing, fist rubbing, and maniacal laughing ala Dr. Evil world dominating scheming strategy! And I love it!
However the road for Google is long and not easy. According to Nicholas Carr, Mr. Softie has already caught on and are themselves in a rush to get similar products out on their own MSN network. Microsoft’s task going forward will be equally tough as they will have to build it on their legacy computing OS and past, something Google does not have.

That’s the thing here, notice that this is a Web OS NOT a PC OS. For a web OS to work you still need a PC and its OS environment.
Oops strike one for Google.
So lets look at it this way if you wanted to use Google’s Web OS what do you really need? Basically first a PC operating, lets call it environment not system, that requires nothing else except a web browser and internet access.
So how? Look at this orange laptop. So the final piece of the puzzle falls into place. We can see it is no small coincidence Google is one of the main backers of the OLPC Linux based OS. Google now finally has the human interface, the tangible aspect for their online OS, and its going to be in EVERY child’s lap.
So this is where I agree and disagree with Mr Carr, I quote his concluding statement:

The answer is largely in Microsoft’s hands.

Yes it is, but not in the way that he means, which is Microsoft will be the one to determine the path to Google’s success. The way I see it is that Microsoft determined its own path to success. Google has it all worked out. For Microsoft to survive it will need to slaughter the sacred cow again like it did with the xbox 360. If it was to compete in the new millennium, it better finally decide to leave the Windows legacy behind and reinvent its business model.
Put it this way people are not going to pay for what they can get for free. All it take s is for Google to launch a Microsofte Word beating online word processor and…oops thats already part of gmail…

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  • slice

    November 30, 2007 at 7:07 am Reply

    Yes, Google is in a very competetive market with Microsoft leading the charge in OS they could be better placed in front of Google.
    Kimbo Slice Fights

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