Icon Magazine's 50 Manifestos

The latest August issue of Icon Magazine has a super-human collection of 50 manifestos of the word’s leading designers on their view of design in the future and today. It’s a great read on insights in the mind of some of our greatest design “Icons”. (excuse the pun?) Icon has gracefully put all of it up online, but I find it’s a pretty good read and an issue worth purchasing. Especially as the magazine market a field of pollution of “glossy lifestyle magazines“.
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  • johno

    August 15, 2007 at 12:05 am Reply

    Those Manifestos make for an entertaining read. Some of them thought-provoking, others, well…interesting; like #33:

    “Beware of fashion: engine of shit
    and transcendent wonder!”

    Thanks for the link. BTW, the site is looking great these days.

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