iPhone 5 Rumors Compiled as an Infographic

The chaps from Nowhere Else has graciously compiled all the iPhone 5 rumors in one place for easy viewing, and added a slick infographic to boot! They have done all the work, for the benefit of time strapped people like myself, from hunting down and reading every iPhone 5 rumor that pops up. We have better things to do than digging around for iPhone rumors, no?
Click on the image for a larger view.

The artist’s illustration of the iPhone 5 matching the iPod Touch and the new iPad 2 is a good guess and a logical assumption in the evolution of the iPhone archetype. However from Apple’s track record it is highly unlikely there will be a new design. Most Apple products last for at least 2 generations before the designs are changed substantially.
There were exceptions though. I was surprised to see that the iPad 2 had a new design. If you think about it, compared to the iPhone, the iPad faces some of the stiffest competition to date. Apple’s competitors are learning to dismiss them less and react much quicker.
Via: Mashable

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