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Edit: We have now an easy to remember Facebook page URL: Thanks for all your support and see you there!

The last time we announced we had a Facebook goup and we have a really good response for our loyal Design Sojourn readers. Thank you! Unfortunately, Facebook’s Groups functionality did not really match our needs as much of it, such as a discussion forum, would already be satisfied here.
However Facebook’s Fan Pages is a much better solution! Not only does it have similar Groups functionality, you can have a bigger membership ceiling, the integration of Facebook applications, and most important of all the information on Pages that you follow will appear on your News feed on your Facebook page. Heavy Facebook users will find this useful, as it is another means where you can get fresh Design Sojourn content directly to you.
Also another great thing with Fan Pages is I finally get to see a face. I know there are a lot of Design Sojourn readers who come to the site, but don’t really comment. So by adding yourself as a Fan, I get to be your fan as well! This is one of my goals when I started Design Sojourn, that is to connect with as many designers (from all disciplines and all over the world) as I can.
So don’t wait and come “Fan” us at the official Design Sojourn Fan Page.

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