Meta Design Links: 08 Aug 2008

1) Check out this very cool short 3D film called “9” by Shane Acker.
2) Coroflot’s Creative Seeds has a good article on how to keep your creativity flowing and growing: “Climbing out of the Genius Trap“.
3) Design is all about Change, we are used to it, but what about the rest and is change, though exciting, really good?
4) Struggling with your Nurbs to Parametric modeling conversions? Can’t get your Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID) to speak properly with Mechanical CAD (MCAD)? Well help is on the way with this article that is almost a “cheat sheet” on how to get your Rhino to talk with Pro-Engineer. Nice work Sim!
5) Finally Go Olympics Go! How wonderful it is to finally be in Asia? Shall we forget about all our troubles and enjoy the cohesive spirit of the games?
Anyways, if you happened to be interested in the Industrial Design of the Olympic Medals which are a combination of 2 materials (metal and jade), check out the interview with the Olympic medal designer Xiao Yong here.

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