Meta Design Links: 25 July 2008

1) Billy Graham: Technology, faith and human shortcomings. A presentation he did on TED about the real problems we should be using design and technology to solve.
2) Tired of your Moleskine? (Mine’s not even open!) Check out this Monster collection of Moleskine hacks to give your new or tired Moleskine a new life.
3) Check out the strongest material tested. Though strong it looks very soft to me, ah the ironies of life.

4) While we are on technology, check out the new High-Tech Sports equipment and apparel that is going to help Olympic athletes win in Beijing.
5) Now lets get back to work with 9 ideas for better brainstorming.
6) Finally lets wrap it up with an interview with Ross Lovegrove on his thought on modern design, sustainability, and his very beautiful Solar Trees.

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  • Cameron

    July 26, 2008 at 12:35 am Reply

    Inspiring stuff, personally and professionally. Thanks for your blog, I really get a lot from it!

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