Sustainable Brands 08 Video Log

Mario Vellandi, Marketing Commando and part-time Design Ninja, has published a fantastic collection of videos created after his recent attendance at Sustainable Brands 08.

All of these videos cover topics in marketing communications, product development, operations, human resources, and management. The camera may not be always perfect, but I tried my best to get the best audio and sharpest resolution. On each individual page, there is descriptive information below the video about the speaker(s), the presentation’s summary and analysis, and additionally related articles and resources for further learning.

Not all the videos are about marketing or branding, as there are some great ones that would interests Industrial and Product Designers. I’ve taken the liberty to sort them out and list them here:

Clean Tech Investment – Bob O’Connor, Wilson Sonsini, Goodrich and Rosati
CleanFish – Tim O’Shea:
PANEL – Current Consumer Brand Perception
Keen Footwear – Bobbie Parisi
PANEL – Designers Accord
PANEL – The New Social Ethic, Making Sustainability Personal
Method Products – Eric Ryan
PANEL – Avoiding Greenwash & Establishing Credibility
Design for the Other 90%
The Future of Sustainability – Mark Lee, SustainAbility
Hewlett-Packard, Printing & Imaging Division – Michelle Price
John Edson – Sustainable Product Design

Check out the complete list of videos on his Melodies of Marketing Blog.

All his videos are distributed by a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license and may be downloaded and redistributed as appropriate. So please share and share alike!
Great job Mario, and thanks for the email heads up!

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