They say 3 of the 4Ps of Marketing are Dead

Jens Martin Skibsted and Rasmus Bech Hansen claims, at Fast Co. Design, that 3 of the 4Ps of Marketing (Pricing, Promotion and Place or Distribution) are dead. It's now a 1P Marketing world where everything should revolve around the Product.


The Relationship between Design and Marketing

I have always maintained that Design and Marketing go hand in hand. Any designer looking to become more business savvy can get quite far if he or she starts with some marketing knowledge. Mike Funk writes:

Marketing is a framework for the organized delivery


Loyalty Points, What's the Point?

I recently had a discussion with my better half on how "Loyalty Points" are pointless these days. (Please excuse the pun!) I rather have a clutter free wallet than carry my Ikea or local hardware store loyalty card. Why accumulate points and work


3 Seconds is all You Got for Your Designs to Sell!

In a blink of an eye, a potential buyer would have entered a store, quickly scan the different products on the shelf and then make a decision to engage with a particular product. All this happens in just 3-5 seconds! A product’s external housing is one of