Traits of Successful Design Managers

frog manager Source: Frog Design
I realized that a Design Manager is not an easy role to play in today's design industry. How a design team gels together is very much affected by how the "boss" manages them. More often than not, I see


The Dark Side of Design

Lego Darth Vader Image by Balakov This is my second article, that I wrote for Yanko Design (YD). As I know some Design Sojourn readers don't really frequent YD, I have decided to republish and keep a record of the article


The Lifecycle of a Designer: Part 2

Thanks for all the great comments and input you have left from Part 1. It has really given me a great insight to what you want to see here on Design Sojourn. So onwards to Part 2! In the Part 1 we looked at the hierarchy


The Lifecycle of a Designer: Part 1

Edit: Spelling and grammar checked and re-checked as per popular request! One thing that I believe many designers, managers of designers, or buyers of design talent will struggle with, is the understanding of a Designer's Lifecycle within the design industry. Dealing with Lifecycle problems come in many


Graduated from design school? Where to Next?

Congratulations, if you have just completed your design studies. You are finally qualified to begin your journey into the working world of design. Now that you have graduated, where do you intend to pursue your design career? More often than not, fresh design graduates