Summary of Day 1 at The Icsid Design Congress 2009

As promised here are some of the highlights of Day 1 of the Icsid Design Congress 2009. I've summarized all the best points and significant comments. Unfortunately, I won’t cover all the content as it will just be too much. Also, I've


Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty (and Design)

October 15, is Blog Action Day 2008! This is where bloggers from around the world get together to talk about a common theme or topic. This year's topic is about Poverty, and as Design Sojourn is a design blog, it will be about


Happy World Industrial Design Day!

I like to wish all fellow Industrial Designers or anyone in the Industrial Design profession a happy World Industrial Design Day!

Marked by Icsid's anniversary on June 29, World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) is a day to actively engage design professionals and design enthusiasts to explore