Is Good Design Art?

One of the great things I love about blogging, is you get to meet so many great people through your blog. One of them, whom I now consider a friend, is William Lehman from the Artist Hideout. Not only is he a


A Busy Designer is Never Stuck

In my recent times I have found that I have become an extremely productive and prolific designer. Not only with my daily design work but, in my other personal day to day activities as well. In fact the busier I am at any


More on the Theories behind Japanese Design

Following on from our coverage of his thoughts on Theories behind Japanese Design, Aen Direct has posted his Chapter 2 expansion article which focuses on "Yugen", which is all about the idea of a Focal Point in design or the seemingly lack of one. Aen


Design Theory 3: What is the BIG idea?

Tired of randomly creating styles and forms? Stuck at the same looking sketch over and over again? Tired of flipping through magazines or clicking on the internet? Tired of creating designs that just do not seem to inspire others or


Design Theory 2: Is this logical?

Most of us are designers because we like design and at least (i'm hoping) can innately tell a good design from a bad design. This innate "design sense" most designers have, though some more than others. This "design sense" is both a function of designing