A Classic iPod Parody

This is just too funny not to share! I love iPod Parodies as reflected in my shirt! (Out of stock by the way!) I think given a chance this will probably reach "classic" status pretty soon! The Apple product's well known user friendliness coming to aid


Crazy Sony Bravia Ad!

Talk about crazy advertising. Sony went to the all out to create a video that implied the Sony Bravia TV can product such a vibrant a riot of colors! It seems they used: 70,000 litres of paint 358 single bottle bombs 33 sextuple air cluster bombs 22 Triple


Free Pitching is alive and well.

Yes ladies and gents, free pitching is alive and well and endorsed at Business Week. Bruce Nussbaum thought it innovative to do design by inviting 3 design greats (IDEO, Stone Yamashita, and Modernista) to submit magazine concepts for his new Inside Innovation Magazine.