10 TouchPoints – Better Living in Singapore by design!

I think this might be old news, but sunny Singapore has launched its next endeavour into fostering creativity and design in the masses.

Singaporeans invited to give views on re-design

CNA Online (17 Nov), My Paper (p 6), ZB (p 15) and ST (p H21). 17 November 2006
CNA Online, My Paper, ZB and ST carried reports on DesignSingapore Council’s invitation to Singaporeans, to vote on what they would like re-designed. These could include anything from taxi stands or bus-stops to mail boxes. Called the 10TouchPoints and launched yesterday, Singaporeans can vote on the website www.10touchpoints.com.sg for up to five items that they think need re-designing. Director of DesignSingapore, Dr Milton Tan, was quoted saying “I personally think beauty is actually a function, so we like to see what the public would want nominated. So it could well be some things function well, but need to look better and other things that look good need to be more functional.” The council will pick the top 10 favourite items to re-design, then local designers can apply to work on the top nominations. The council hopes the item owners will adopt and roll out the winning re-designs to the public.

Source: Design Singapore
Finally my friends at Design Singapore are kicking butt where it counts by taking design to the masses where it will have the most impact. I’ve always felt that to foster creativity or design the people need to have an exposure to it on a daily bases and, better still, at a very young age.
With this 10TouchPoints project, local Singaporeans can now see that design is not only about overpriced objects or unusual looking furniture. They can now see that design is really about making things easier to use and living life better.
The process is a 3 step one. The first step is to nominate something you dislike in your built environment thru an online voting platform. Step 2 takes the top 10 pet-peeves nominated to a design competition open to all Singaporeans designers based in Singapore. (Singaporeans re-designing Singapore, I like that!) The final last step is the implementation or remaking of the product. The last step is a little sketchy, are they going to actually make things better by realizing the products, or is it going to be lost in memory through the usual exhibition process? Let us see.
The other issue I have is this project is internet based. My question is will Design Singapore be able to reach out to the people, to whom, the 10TouchPoints will matter most via the internet? I’m not so sure, and thus I think this will be one of the project’s big problems. I do hope they will eventually set up some other ways to vote or nominate, i.e. thru the good old pen and paper way.
I like to leave all of you with my 5 pet peeves in Singapore’s built environment:
1) In-car cash card reader for Electronic Road Pricing Gantries.

That design is just atrocious and is my No. 1 must re-design public product!
2) Parking coupons for public parking lots.
3) EZ-Link machines on public buses.
4) Hawker Centre and Coffee Shop Furniture
5) Public Trash Bins
6) Fonts on road and direction signs
7) Escalators that have no direction indicators so you only know when you are about to step on it.
8) Taxi meters and their booking screens
9) Pedestrian and Road Curbs could look a lot better than a 90 degree step
10) Mail and Letter Boxes on the street
So now go ahead cast your vote and nomination at http://10touchpoints.com.sg

  • Design Translator

    December 12, 2006 at 12:52 am Reply

    Hey Kitabisa,
    Thanks for stopping by! Yep I will definely jump in and cast my vote. I’ve also signed up as one of your partners. I would be interested to help out.
    Yes I was just thinking about the roadshow as well, a travelling ballot box from what i see will be a great idea to get every possible person involved.
    No problems, if i have any more comments I will be in touch!

  • kitabisa

    December 12, 2006 at 12:45 am Reply

    hey thanks for ur comment on 10touchpoints.
    u’ve got great nomination ideas there. would really be cool if u can submit ’em on the website.
    i agree with u abt that online medium thing. but it’s really of a lack of resources to go with any other medium. but we r thinkin of doin some sorta roadshow to get the crowd at the mall to fill in some things. but not sure how effective it is either.
    o well let us know if u’ve any other ideas! really appreciate the comments! we desperately need gd nominations and votes. so do pass the word around ya.
    a member of the 10touchpoints team

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