Wacom Bamboo: It's all in the name?

I've always been a fan of drawing tablets though I have the toughest time getting my drawings right by using it. I've even written extensively on it, comparing the differences of sketching in a traditional sketch book, to sketching on a drawing tablet and


Concept Design Equipment Shoot-out: Part 5

Alright here we are in the final installment of this series. It was such a beast to write but I hope the write up is really useful for all of you who are interested to get into digital concept development. Before we go


Concept Design Equipment Shoot-out: Part 4

Welcome to the fourth installation of the Concept Equipment Shoot-out between the Sketchbook, Drawing Table and Tablet PC! I do apologise as it's been almost 1.5 months since Part 3, but I needed some time to really get into all the equipment to give