Taking Advantage of Economies of Scale: $10 Kiran Solar Lamp

I was really impress with the $10 Kiran Solar Lamp by D.Light. Finally someone is using the cost advantages that come with manufacturing economies of scale to keep the price of a product low rather than using it to enjoy higher margins.
A socially conscious product, the Kiran Lamp was designed to be a safer and brighter alternative to Kerosene lamps. Not only that, the Kiran’s $10 price tag allows the lamp to have a maximum impact in the lives of people that need this product the most. You’ll soon realize the enormity of this when you look at these stats:

There are more than 1 million deaths every year attributed to kerosene lamps; 62% of the people who die are under the age of fourteen, according to the World Health Organization. If that weren’t enough, kerosene lamps are responsible for at least 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Together with clever product design, this product is bound to make a difference.

The Kiran is designed to be extremely user-friendly and flexible. It has no detachable parts, including an integrated solar panel that makes recharging simple and easy. The product shape, portability, ahd a handle with 9 different settings give the customer many options for use. The Kiran can be carried, hung from the wall or ceiling, or placed on any surface to effectively illuminate the surrounding area.

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Via: NextBillion.net

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