The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Industrial Designers: Final Sunday

We have finally reached the end of this 7 days series with this last instalment. It has been an interesting journey, as I wanted to try a different way of blogging with this series. On one hand it has been tough making the time commitment to write each post daily, but on the other I quite enjoyed it as each post took very little time to write once I had outlined the structure it last Sunday.
Before we continue here is the link to Saturday’s post if you missed it.
Hats by drumsnwhistles
7) Able to wear many hats
The most effective designers have the ability to wear many “hats”, in other words they can step into the shoes of the different disciplines that are related to Industrial Design. He/She is then able to speak the language or terms of that discipline, and thus able to communicate the design so as to maintain that design’s intent.
For example the effective designer, can speak about a product’s design in terms of target market and branding with the Marketing department. This designer can then discuss the BOM costings, technology constraints, solve molding and manufacturing issues with the Mechanical Engineers or R&D departments. After that, this designer can then relate to senior management the strategic importance of the design and the role it will play in furthering the company’s business.
To a small extent today’s habit “tips its hat” to Thursday’s habit where we spoke about diverse interest, as well as Saturday’s habit when we spoke about communication. However in this case, it goes beyond interests or curiosity, as the effective designer recognizes that he needs to achieve competence as required by the job. He recognizes it must be done as a means to ensure that the design can be the best it can be, but may not enjoy nor is interested in the process. He only does it for the good of the design or project.
Well I hope you enjoyed these series of 7 posts, and please let me know if my intent of making bite size and digestible works for you? Also this series felt more of an “organic” growing experience rather than the usual mixed feelings of happiness and exhaustion whenever I finish a long post. What do you think? Thanks in advance and please keep in touch!

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  • nura

    December 19, 2007 at 6:02 am Reply

    every time, when i visit here
    i feel like I’m home again.
    a place where i can organize my thoughts, motivate me, when i’m confused, and smile from nice and intersting things.
    you are so honest and helpfull for me
    thank you

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