The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Industrial Designers: Wednesday

This post continues our week long series, whereby I will publish one of the seven habits on each day of the week. Here is the link to Tuesday’s post if you missed it.
outlook calendar
Outlook Calendar 2004 by arkitekt
3) Good general management skills
I’m not saying that all designers should be design managers to be effective. No, but the highly effective Industrial Designer are naturally practical, well organized, and efficient in getting things done. This is simply because their time management, self management and big picture thinking skills are all top notch.
This is harder said than done, and I will be the first to admit it that it does take me some time to get myself organized. You see the product of a creative mind means that things tend to get pretty chaotic around them and their environment. Strangely enough, the more creative a designer, the seemingly more disorganized he/she is.
Unfortunately the reality of work is that there are datelines, program requirements, and problems that need to be solve methodically and efficiently. Thus it is highly valued for a designer that can overcome the chaos required in creativity; control it, and ultimately managing it in an effective manner. Do use all the tools available, personal management tools like Microsoft Outlook and Project, PDAs and diaries, and most importantly always carry a sketch book around to take notes and keep track of things.
I do hope you enjoyed Wednesday’s entry; here is Thursday’s habit.


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