The BigShot Camera is great Old School Learning

The BigShot Camera is an awesome little product proposition that aims to teach children (and adults) the ins and outs of cameras and photography. It does this by engaging traditional old school learning methods: building things with your hands.
big-shot-kids-build-overviewIt is truly a hat tip back to the traditional electronics kits you could find in most shops in the late 80’s. I fondly remember creating FM radios, LCD clocks and even a voice transmitter you could used to spy on someone! It was through such kits that I taught myself to solder.
More significantly are that these kits are often of products that have evolved to become commodities. Therefore it is interesting to see that the digital camera, (with even a panoramic mode), has become so simple and miniaturized that a child could put it together.
Via: Fast Company

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  • Shang Lee

    January 1, 2010 at 10:25 am Reply

    Good stuff! going back to basics. I like. 🙂

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