The Blackberry Prayer

Image: Blackberries 3 by lemon_drop

A phrase coined by an anonymous CEO who walked into a boardroom for a meeting to see every executive bowing their heads, operating their Blackberries.
The Blackberry prayer is a plea to God to abolish the damn things.

Come-on how many of you are doing it? Don’t lie! A great reflection of our consumer behavior and electronics culture today. Now what about getting some Crackberry anyone?
Via: Urban Dictionary

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  • Jim Rait

    June 10, 2008 at 9:02 pm Reply

    Seems this CEO has lack of leadership.. if the meeting is so awful that people do other things… I remember being in a meeting of thirty-odd (or was that thirty odd) people when the Chief executive slipped in at the back and watched people pencilling memos, etc. (no the pc hadn’t been invented and most people thought computers were a rumour) , while someone presented at the front. He stopped the meeting and asked each person why they were there… asking them to leave if they didn’t give a good answer. The 8 of us left at the end of the questioning had a very focused and useful meeting… and all thse that followed were effective too! My experience is that meetings well led do not have trouble from Blackberries, Apples or Oranges… bad workmen always blame the tools!

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