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I have to say, that I have been enjoying the use of Posterous a lot recently, especially the site’s ability to publish my stuff via email. They can store, re-size and present your media (pictures, music, video etc.) very efficiently. So I have been racking my brains to figure out how I can better utilize this wonderfully simple micro-blogging site.
And now I have! Enter my new micro-blog called “The Design of Everyday Things” or
One of my favorite past times (or curse) is allowing my overly critical design mind to be triggered by good or bad designs that I stumble over in the environment around me. Therefore, I think it makes sense to create a site that catalogs these “triggers” by “The Design of Everyday Things” around me. Not to mention a convenient social outlet for my media slut of an iPhone!
The great thing about this site is that it can aggregate and store your content. So it could be sort of a visual diary or notebook of my stuff. The other good thing about the site is that it can cross post stuff all over the place like Twitter, Facebook and even a WordPress blog. So on advice from a fellow design blogger, I will set up Posterous so that it will cross post my thought triggers back here on Design Sojourn! How cool is that?
However “The Design of Everyday Things” will still have it’s own domain name, just to formalize things a little. I decided to keep the title of the site simple by calling it by its acronym, which was amazingly available for purchase. So we now have, is a 5 letter easy to remember .com domain name, how about that?
So if you like, do bookmark your visit to (The Design of Everyday Things) or just come back here and enjoy my take on the less serious side of design.
And oh, do check out the inspiration for

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

Not only can it be a great source of information on usability and product ergonomics, it is also a fantastic source of learning how to be sensitive to the product’s user experience. If it is not a textbook or required reading for your design school, make it so!

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