The iPhone rumours are true

Take a look at a Apple’s great looking phone + ipod +web browser. A product that does it all, but will it do it right?

Looking exciting at first but then, where’s the buttons. As I have written before, the lack of static buttons means this is a software driven device and a possible ergonomic or usability nightmare. I don’t think you should try to use this phone when you are doing other high involvement activities like driving.
I have doubts, as others have rightly pointed out, that the OS X (or Mac operating system) enabled phone may suffer from the same issues Mr. Softy had with their first version of Pocket PC OS. Really in a product that is so software driven, it will make or break this product.
The other thing that I can see as a potential annoyance is the fact you will get facial oil and finger prints all over your screen. The low ridge around the side of the phone does not help much. Thus the 3rd party screen protectors and “phone condom” manufacturers will have a field day. After you wrap all that protective gear over the iPhone, I wonder how sensitive the screen is going to be.
At end of the day though, my critique is a very minor stab compared to the huge amazing product they have crafted. The interface is just a thing of beauty, and Apple, like they did with the ipod, continues to turn established technologies into innovative products. A design strategy we can all take to the bank.
More images courtesy of engadget and Apple.
Edit1: Here is 5 other peeves we have on the iPhone as penned by Wired. Built in battery that cannot be removed, now that again is planned obsolescence if you ask me? Its iPhone, therefore iPoor all over again!
Edit2: Criticism come hard and fast, here are a few more: No 3G, No 3rd party apps (not yet, I think), No Mr Softy stuff (Exchange or Office). Looks like throw your basic phone and iPod away…but its still a damn nice interface.


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