The new Porsche 911 (2012) is just Sublime!

Perhaps it is my advancing age, or just a mid life crisis, but I’m getting really turned on by the Porsche 911, especially the latest 2012 iteration. Despite many fans criticizing the designers for not taking risks, I for one am pretty comfortable that they have not deviated from the iconic archetype developed by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche in 1959.

That’s probably it. I’m so used to seeing the same thing over and over again, that it has grown on me. The round headlights (I don’t miss the tear drop at all!), that grilled tail fin (which sits wonderfully integrated these days) and sloping shoulders (though the big 19″ wheels makes the car ride lower) all add to that familiarity.

This is probably the best 911 evolution yet. Good design lasts, and I hope they never change it.
Images from Porsche.

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