The Objective of Design Sojourn

I have been subscribing to Yaro Starak’s Blog Traffic mailing list and highly recommend it as its a fantastic read. Unlike the other gazillion sites out there on blogging, Yaro’s blog and mailing list focuses on the most important in a successful blog how to increase blog traffic.
In his latest mailer, Yaro talks about smart, effective and focused blogs. He encourages bloggers to state clearly their blog’s objective for both themselves and others. So as I’m committed to being a better blogger, I shall learn from him so here is mine. This will also go into my new “About” page.
V1 Blog started: November 09, 2005
V2 Blog started:May 25, 2005
Frequency of blog updates: 3-4 times a week.
The Design Translator (D.T.) currently lurks in Singapore. During the day D.T. is a design manager in a consumer electronics company. At night, he blogs, changes his son’s diaper, dabbles in design-entrepreneurship, practices investing, and swings from building to building righting wrongs.
The Design Sojourn blog is his story and journey that focuses on…
1) Him wondering why there is nothing much done to educate the masses about design? Thus D.T. will attempt to translate what he sees, knows and learns about Industrial Design, Design Strategy and Design Management into a language that the man on the street can understand.
2) Not only that, he realizes that there are TONS of blogs and websites that talk about design or showcasing the new new, but nothing on how the budding designer can lean to rule the world. He will attempt to do this in an easy to read, nonsensical way. Hints, tips and suggestions that a budding designer can find insightful and experienced designers find refreshing.
3) His trials and tribulations of his recent design cum social-entrepreneurship experiment the Firmwareproject.
Keep in touch and see you all online!

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